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Welcome to the USBL! Home of the 2014 OOTP Grand Champion, Steve Crandell

Steve Crandell has won the OOTP 2014 Grand Champions League, congrats Steve on a job well done!!

The New York Yankees use 2 incredible comebacks to overcome a 3-1 deficit to win the 1935 World Series over the defending champion New York Giants. It is the 3rd NBL Title for the Yanks and David Mendel. Congrats!

The Chicago Freeze put an end to Halifax' impressive playoff run with a 4 game sweep for their 1st Federal League Title. Congrats to Tony Huss!


The New Jersey Generals have won their first USBL Championship, downing San Antonio 4 games to 1. Congrats to Atul Mangla!







































































League Date: 9/16/2019

Next Sim: Thursday 5/25 5PM ET Sim to 9/23

League Date: 7/13/1936

Next Sim: Sunday 5/28 7AM ET Sim to 7/20