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Welcome to the USBL! Home of the OOTP Grand Champion, Steve Crandell

Steve Crandell has won the OOTP 2014 Grand Champions League, congrats Steve on a job well done!!

The Pittsburgh Pirates have won their 6th NBL Title, downing the Boston Red Sox 4 games to 1. Congrats to Pat Coffey!

The Anaheim Angels have won the final USBL Title, at least in this format, in 7 games over the Cincinnati Reds. Congrats to Matt Hoffmann on the title and also for having the most total wins in League History.






















































League Date: 10/5/1903

Next Sim: Saturday 5/23 9AM ET Sim the first 4 games of the AADS and NADS

League Date: 3/25/1925

Next Sim: Friday 5/22 7PM ET Sim the second half of Spring Training