Why launch my startup while traveling is the best decision I made

2:30 in the morning. The streets of Chiang Mai where I settled a few weeks ago are silent. I’m tired enough, but I can not sleep. It’s exactly one year since we launched our latest startup and the least we can say is that we do not get bored. But what prevents me from sleeping tonight is not the work overload. It’s the excitement. I go to one of these cafes open 24⁄24 in Thailand, take a big black coffee and start coding this update of our application which I think for hours.

20 good reasons to dare to change your life while traveling

Without reaching extremes by putting everything in order to change one’s life from A to Z and reset the counters (and why not?), Traveling shapes a state of mind, a way of being and feeling things in us.You hesitate to take the plunge? We give you all the right reasons to go on a trip, alone or with fellow travelers, to discover the planet and grow from the inside.

The mysteries of the universe: is it true that we could rejuvenate by traveling faster?

Two fundamental laws of relativistic physics govern the flow of time as a function of speed. The first asserts that the speed of light is a limit not only insurmountable, but even inaccessible for any body having a non-zero mass (the only known exception being therefore photons, particles of light, and hypothetical gravitons associated with gravitational waves) . The second states that time is in a way “elastic”, in the sense that if one increases its own speed, the flow of time is slowed down.


You do not have to be rich to travel, you can travel on foot, by bike, hitchhiking … but it takes time. Reassure yourself, there is also a happy medium. There are some simple tips to travel and minimize the cost of your trip! 1.Prepare your trip in advance The sooner you do it, the better your results will be. Obviously, for those who like to decide at the last moment, it is an insurmountable requirement but between doing this little effort and emptying his wallet-almost-at the last moment then deprive himself on the spot of outings, visits, activities and restaurants nice, what’s the most difficult, tell me?

I Work In Traveling, I Am A Digital Nomad

Often people around me wonder about what I do in life. Always on the mop, take part in a thousand projects, while having enough money to travel. Even at first, I had trouble putting a name on my business. But I was sure of one thing: I knew what I did NOT want to do. Five weeks of paid leave, the impression of following a completely laid-out path, in a prefabricated metro-work-dodo mold, was not for me.

Save the life of an animal while traveling, nothing is easier

Did you know that it was possible to save animals only when traveling? While in Reunion, animal wandering is a real scourge, associations are looking for passengers flying to the metropolis to send the balls of hair collected in the street, often in very bad condition, for give them a new life. These associations take care of everything: reserve the cage, bring the animal to the airport, accompany for registration, provide people on site to recover the animal.