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Welcome to the USBL! Home of the 2014 OOTP Grand Champion, Steve Crandell

Steve Crandell has won the OOTP 2014 Grand Champions League, congrats Steve on a job well done!!

The St. Louis Cardinals win their 7th NBL Title, knocking off the Detroit Tigers in 7 games. Congrats to Steve Crandell on a great Season!

The Philadelphia Phillies win their first USBLH Title with a sweep of the Minnesota Twins. Congrats to Steve Fernsler!!

The California Grizzlies clinch the first ever Federal League Title, topping the Thunder Bay Lightning 4 games to 2. Congrats to David Mendel!






























































League Date: 6/6/2016

Next Sim: Sunday 7/3 7AM ET Sim to 6/13

League Date: 4/20/1931

Next Sim: Saturday 7/2 7AM ET Sim to 4/27