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Welcome to the USBL! Home of the OOTP Grand Champion, Steve Crandell

Steve Crandell has won the OOTP 2014 Grand Champions League, congrats Steve on a job well done!!

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have won their first USBL Title with a sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Congrats to Pete Grassi!

Dave Mendel and the New York Yankees have won their 2nd NBL Crown, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to knock off the defending Champion Cardinals. Congrats Dave!!

The Los Angeles Dodgers have won their first USBLM Title with a sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2022 World Series. Congrats to Chris Blankenship!
















































League Date: 9/4/2023

Next Sim: Tuesday 7/29 7PM ET- Sim to 9/11
League Date: 12/3/2004

Next Sim: Monday 7/28 7PM ET- Sim 10 days of Free Agency to 12/13

League Date: 4/13/1921

Next Sim: Sunday 7/27 7PM ET- Sim Opening Day, 1921 and up to 4/18